Pet Owners

“Trash Can Cure is a product that solved and on going problem in my home.
Our aging dog required special care and a diaper pale which became a source of terrible odor. On half a cup of Trash Can Cure in our small pale remedied the odor problem for several days. We started to use it in our kitchen and outside garbage as well. I highly recommend it.”

– Customer, Albany, New York

“I am a cat owner in a second floor apartment and disposing of dirty cat liter is a challenge for me on a daily basis. A scoop of trash can cure in my trash can does the job! Great product!”
– Customer, Saugerties, New York

Home Cooks

“Cherry Scented Trash Can Cure is the answer to the kitchen trash odor problem in our busy household.
We are a family that cooks often with fresh ingredients and there is no longer a need to dispose of our trash bag on a daily basis!
Trash Can Cure keeps our kitchen smelling good.”

– Customer, Garden City, Long Island, New York